The New Silk Roads The Present and Future of the World

Review :

Peter Frankopan has amazed us with another masterpiece book with a wide review of the important events happening in Asia and how they will affect the future! This book is more like an epilogue of his previous extremely interesting book, but it has many details that are quite mind-blowing to read!
Frankopan seeks to consider what the present and the future have in store for the Silk road countries and it really is enjoyable, in his analysis of this expanding economic development the Author has followed Chinese investment into Southern Asia and it really is so interesting and intriguing to read!
The book has also a unique and beautiful design that will glad your eyes only to see it, but the writings within the book are even more astounding! It really has valuable informations about the current state of the world politically and geographically!
The most important part I enjoyed was the Author emphasising the importance of countries in Central Asia or places like Pakistan in the global power play!
It really is worth reading this compelling book because it has full Frankopan stylr of writings and his analysis are so intriguing and compulsive which makes it hard to believe but very true in future!

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