The Murderous History of Bible Translations Power, Conflict, and the Quest for Meaning

Review :

So my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I said "I want a book about how translators used to be punished, tortured, and executed for bad Bible translations." He bought me a few titles, but he couldn't wait for me to open this one since he knew he'd hit the jackpot.

I also knew he had selected a winner when I looked at the "By the same author" page, and after a list of religious themed books, the last one mentioned is "How to Get a Job In a Recession". Freedman is truly a Renaissance man that will not be boxed in.

I digress. The book is an awesome exploration of the personal stories behind Bible translations and the lengths passionate men and women would go to to translate and publish their work. Basically, it's a study in how crazy the Bible, and religion in general, can make people.

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