The Morning Mind Use Your Brain to Master Your Day and Supercharge Your Life

Review :

The Morning Mind is different from what I expected, which is okay because it is totally fascinating. The doctors explain not only the different parts of the brain, they discuss stress hormones, your brain in the morning, how your heart impacts your health, and the significance of body temperature. All this provides an important foundation to understanding how we can create self-discipline and empowering habits.

Chapter 17 is dedicated to ancient wisdom about your brain and body. Readers are able to take a quiz to determine their primary and secondary dosha, because the way the brain works affects how we feel and behave. They help you understand your results and also provide a chart with your two optimum times of day. I took the test and it was spot on.

The Morning Mind also has a list of how some leaders start their day, which ends the book on an inspiring note.

This is definitely one of the better self-help books I've read on this topic. It doesn't recycle all the same information. It truly offers the reader a fuller understanding of how training your mind will have many positive effects.

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