the million dollar one person business

Review :

Read this book after seeing it recommended on Tim Ferriss's blog. If you were inspired by the concepts in "The Four Hour Workweek" but wanted DETAILS on how to make such an Internet company work and scale up, this is the book for you. In a way, it's a great "sequel" to the Four Hour Work Week.

The reporting is excellent. In each of the stories, you will find revenue, profits, change over time, and the stories of scaling up. For example, food businesses that scale up by using a "copacker" to scale up. The author has done great work in describing a new category of business: small companies that are highly profitable with minimal employees. I also liked that the author laid out categories of businesses that tend to do best (e.g. ecommerce, information products etc). On a personal note, I was delighted to see several Toronto entrepreneurs featured here - these success stories are not confined to America.

Two areas where the book could have been better:
-Since financial success is a key criteria for the book, why not include an appendix showing income statements for the businesses profiled The narrative sometimes made it hard to understand profit margins and similar points.
-Push for greater details and name names. At multiple points, the author vaguely refers to entrepreneurs growing by using a "large ecommerce company." Yet, this mysterious company is not named. I assume she meant Amazon. Additional specific details on vendors used, suppliers used etc would make the book even more helpful for the reader

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