The Map from Here to There - Emery Lord

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I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. I admit I was nervous when I learned there was going to be a sequel to The Start of Me and You. I was so happy with how things ended with Paige and Max I was terrified where it would go. But I am also an Emery Lord fangirl so there was no way I wouldn't read it. That being said it is safe to say that The Map from Here to There demolished my feelings and added a whole new level to Paige and Max's relationship that just deepened my love for them.

The Map from Here to There was a tough read for me. Paige was driving me a crazy for a lot of the book because she refused to talk to people. But the more I read the more I understood where she was coming from and what she was feeling. Being 17/18 is hard. Things are going to change no matter what and you have to come to terms with that. You have to make a decision that could effect the rest of your life and that is no easy task. So as much as she was bugging me, I also related to her. And then there was Max. The poor boy didn't know which end was up. He was confused by everything going on with him and Paige, about picking a college, of building a relationship he thought he had let go of.

Everything about these two was emotional and messy and honestly I think the beauty of Paige and Max was how messy things got and how wonderful they both were. I basically cried the last 25% of the book because of how messy and wonderful Emery Lord made these two characters. What started out as a tough read (admittedly out of my own fear) because this gorgeous story of two young people just trying to find their way under all kinds of pressure from everything around them.

If you haven't picked up an Emery Lord book yet you are missing out on her masterful story telling. Will you need tissues reading this one Absolutely. Is it worth the ugly crying 1000% yes. Just do yourself a favor and read The Start of Me and You and The Map from Here to There. You won't be disappointed.

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