the managers toolkit

Review :

This book pinpoints the main types of employees that any manager comes across during their employment. It discusses each type in length and explains how to handle their particular personalities. I think that most managers will benefit from reading this book.

The book goes into each personality and breaks down their "quirks" and how to deal with them in a mature, professional, and curious way so that you can turn them back into team players and remove the problem that you or they are having on the job. It goes into in dept details that you can start using immediately to solve your problems.

But it goes a step further and helps you understand your personal managing style and your own personal "quirks" so that you can help yourself stop and take a time out before you clash with someone who is different than yourself.

By not only understanding your employees personality but your own as well, you have the makings of a great team that can work together and produce for your company. When you have these key perspectives into the working relationships that you are dealing with in your company, you are a much better manager.

This in dept study has taken Ms. Kuhn years to figure out and put into writing. She has studied the working arena and came out with a real winning book that will help every manager do their job. The book should be on many bosses Christmas list for their managers if they want a team that works well together and doesn't have a lot of personality problems in their workforce.

This book is well worth reading if you are not a manager but may want to be in the future. It's never to soon to start learning how to get along better on your job.

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