The Letter Q- Queer Writers’ Notes

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The Letter Q is a series of letters written from several gay authors to their younger selves. Many of these letter are affirmations, positive declarations about who the younger person will become. This collection is edited by Sarah Moon.

Within the pages of this slim book the reader will find 64 of the most provocative, sad, enlightening, inspiring tales you may ever read. The tales vacillate from comic to tragic and all of the in-betweens. I found a little bit of wisdom to come out of ever single story, but there are some that are simply more memorable than others. This is a very wonderful book and a great approach to widening the impact of the Gay rights movement.

Every teen should read this, not just the teens who think (or know) they might be gay. The stories in here touch upon many social issues that teens are faced with from day to day - peer pressure, bullying, unrequited love, rejection, the stress of college applications and achievement, ambivalent parents, fight or flight friends, love and sex - like I said, these issues have faced us all at one point in our adolescence. Where the authors succeed is in pointing out that these are not just Queer experiences. These things are human experiences and that single point alone should blur any political differences that one orientation has between another. We're all human and as such we are all entitled to live and love and make mistakes and overcome, and, at the heart of it, that's what this book is meant to do - remind us all that we must overcome the grueling period of our teens.

I loved this book. It's perfect. I'll be passing it on to every teen I know regardless of confusing orientation. Anyone will get something out of this one.

5 out of 5 stars.

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