Review :

Engaging narratives plus thoroughly instructive appendixes equal a convincing, practical handbook for eating as healthfully as possible.

Miller bolsters century-crafted diets with research exploring each diet's nutrition profile. Acknowledging each study's process and result, she rarely hands out definitive claims, most times admitting "we don't know yet, but we're pretty sure that...", the mark of a good scientist.

The foundation Miller builds for her narratives should be essential reading for any nutrition class.

It seems like Miller wants you to replicate these diets, but unless you live where those diets are eaten you cannot. I believe she wants the nutritive knowledge laid out in the narratives to inform your decisions in creating a diet specific to your location.

My lingering questions: how would one prepare these recipes in large quantities, for food kitchens or cafeterias How would you apply this book to low-income persons in a food desert

Sugar-suckered as I am, I've made only dessert recipes so far and the bilberry soup is a family hit (substituted blueberry for my location).

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