The Introverts Complete Career Guide by Jane Finkle

Review :

I am a huge Extrovert who is always curious about my counterparts as a way to better understand me (as their opposites) and my introverted clients better. Jane does a great job at walking introverts through the entire career process with many of the same pieces of advice that I give my clients with her added insights as to how introverts might navigate each of the processes.

She begins with recognizing that introverts have many strengths like the power of observation, thinking before they speak, and their often inquisitive minds. These strengths play well in one on one or small groups but how do you navigate this 'extroverted world' that we live in

Well, Jane starts from the beginning and takes you right through tips on how to grow in your position and to move up to leadership positions if that is what you want. Her practical advice for each step of the way is good for everyone, but then she adds in tips for introverts, like how to politely break into conversations, how to use their strength of observation and curiosity to add to networking conversations and office meetings.

Networking can be difficult for introverts (and many extroverts too!) and her advice is to prepare for those networking events and do your homework on who might be there and have 4 or 5 questions to ask people ahead of time. i.e. Have you been to this event before How long have you worked in the fieldĀ 

And then to follow up with 1 on 1 meetings whenever possible.

This book is filled with great tips for ALL people but her insights for introverts is so helpful. Great reminders for extroverts like me to make sure I give 'space' for these thoughtful curious quiet types.

Well done Jane.

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