the hungry tide

Review :

Home is where Orcaella are - says Pia
Home is where I can brew a perfect cup,of tea - says Nilima
Home is where books as fine as this reside - says Me

This was a very educational journey into the tide country - the Sunderbans.
So far, Sunderban has just been a printed name in my geography text books of yore. After years I encountered it in all its glory, ruthlessness and ethereal beauty, along with the magical folklore, which seems almost real to me, and the majestic man eating tiger.
I will never forget the beauty of a rainbow hanging low over moonlight, or the ruthless storm uprooting giant trees as if those were small twigs placed in the ground,,or the madly rushing tidal waters of the river, or the groups of river dolphins.
I learnt a lot from Pia, Nirmal, Horen and Fokir.
I learnt to love animals and nature. I became an environmentalist, a zoologist, a thinker. (philosophy still eludes me)
The ending was majestic.
I will not forget Fokir for a long time to come. I will be less judgemental of people whom I encounter in my day to day life.
Every person has something which I don't have, every person has a higher education than their counterpart in one way or other.

thank you, Amitav Ghosh :-)

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