The Hungry Blade

Review :

It's got to be the hardest writing job ever, writing thrillers and/or mysteries. To be successful, they have to be formulaic, but if they are *too* predicable, they are no fun at all.

This one is lots of fun. The good guy triumphs, well, more or less, bad guys are satisfyingly nasty, and the historical fiction and art history on which the plot hangs are solid.

If you read New York Station, you'll like this one even better. The characters are better fleshed out and there are more of them--as if the author were becoming more comfortable with the world he put his hero, Roy Hawkins, in.

Very good treatment of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. An original character, Riley, has a Big Reveal of the sort that in most books would happen at the end and also invalidate anything else the character did--but the author doesn't fall into that trap, and Riley is a brilliant creation.

A bit of a trip up with the spoken language--Roy seems just a little too contemporary in his speech.

But all in all a solid book that will also be an enjoyable re-read.

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