The Hunger games and philosophy (2012)

Review :

I liked this compilation of essays by philosphers much better than any 'pop culture' book of this kind I've gotten that had to do with psychology. Though, out of pure curiousity in the case of this one series I actually wouldn't mind reading the psychological analaylsis in essays of The Hunger Games Trilogy truth be told. There is plenty of dsyfunction going on that I'd love them to pick to death. In fantasy books, the psychology analysis is sort of pointless. But a philosophical book of essays would be more interesting. I discovered the psychology pop culture books through my love of Harry Potter and wasn't impressed, though found a psychological analysis of The Simpsons (the cartoon that hasn't stopped since it's debut on Fox when I was in Third or Fourth grade!) was entertaining. Now a philosophical rendering of the Hunger Games was really thought provoking in all honesty. I loved this book. I loved the essays.

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