The Healing Crystals First Aid Manual A Practical A to Z of Common Ailments and Illnesses and How They Can Be Best Treated

Review :

Even though I have a great many crystals, I was never really open to using them for physical healing. I was skeptical, even though I use crystals daily for energetic healing. Until I read about Gienger's book, he even has a section on acidification of the body in it! Wow, that's not something you easily find, I suffer from that, and I was intrigued, big time! Got the book and yes, it's absolutely good. I've followed his advice regularly, put my ruby on my lower back for back pains, amethyst for headaches, black tourmaline for constipation etc etc and .. it works like a charm!! I couldn't believe it! The painkillers I didn't have to take, just because the crystals did their work, unbelievable!
If you have physical issues that the medical world can't help you with, or just mild conditions and things you wouldn't go nor need to see a doctor for (i.e. a common cold), try this book!

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