The Handy Answer Book for Kids

Review :

I truly love this book. Not only does it answer and talk about a very broad range of topics that many children are curious about, but I also found the facts and answers extremely interesting. The Handy Answer Book is the perfect book for children to use to inquire within, as well as a delightfully fun book for parents and children to sit down and enjoy together. In my honest opinion, this is a book that every house should have and one that should be in every classroom and grace every shelf.

To give you a better feel for the topics covered within The Handy Answer Book, here is a list of the main chapters:

~Outer Space
~Planet Earth and Our Moon
~Creatures Big and Small
~Plant Life
~People Around the World
~Politics and Government
~How Things Work
~Math, Measurement, and Time
~All About My Body Daily Life

Within each of these chapters, there are many many topics covered and enough information to give the answers that children are looking for, as well as pique interest to perhaps further look into the topic of interest. The Handy Answer Book is written in a very user-friendly, fun, informative and easy-to-follow way. There are also wonderful pictures throughout that children will enjoy looking at. Whether for informative purposes or just a way to beat a bout of boredom, The Handy Answer Book is perfect and one that I very highly recommend!

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