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I'm generally skeptical of texts that deal primarily with the analysis of other texts, but I was more than pleasantly surprised with this volume. Husband/Wife, Psychologist/Philosopher team Crithcley and Webster have compiled an excellent collection of ideas from great thinkers such as Feud, Hegel, and Nietzsche, and throughout the book prolifically and often entertainingly offered their own understanding of the works, all in connection with Hamlet. While this book would likely be a bit of a slough for the typical reader (especially one not terribly well versed in reading either psychological or philosophical texts), I found that it didn't hold me back from enjoying the revelations therein. I would consider this text a must read for any company attempting a production of Hamlet, if for no other reason than to aid in creating an interpretation of a story that has been played (probably) more often than any other in the English language (except for, you know, every other major Shakespeare play). I highly recommend this to anyone who has even the slightest interest in Hamlet and/or Human Nature.

Overall Rating: Thought-Provoking and hunger-inducing: I literally read the whole thing in one sitting.

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