The Green Bell

Review :

No.its over. no. I NEED MORE!!! :"( I will never get over these books!!! SO GOOD!!! Okay lets review this bitch. Ready Ready when you are. *crying* These books were so magical,funny,enlightening,dark,mysterious,tear-making,ground-breaking..addicting!!!
I love love love Gideon and Gwen..orrr shall i say Gwenny *starts crying again* Even if their relationship was formed in only a couple of weeks,maybe a month, i really loved them together. They were meant to be and they are perfect for each other!!! :") Xemerious,Lesley,Caroline and Nick,Gwen's mum, Lucy and Paul,Mr Bernard, untie Muddy or whatever her name was xD Well even Charlotte..i'm going to miss them all. They've been my friends and companions these past days. Have you ever felt so horrible and so alone that you thought nothing and no-one could fix a situation Well that was me these past few weeks. and Precious Stone books were really there for me. If you're a true book lover you will understand what i mean. They are my miracle. my salvation. etc. As i've already said in my Ruby Red review,i love Doctor Who and my heart belongs to anything Jane Austen and Victorian..and i love YA books like Cassandra's Clare books, so Ruby Red trilogy just had it all for me. I couldn't help but getting so obsessed over it!! Normally when my real life sucks,i can't really get into a book or anything for that matter, but these books just owned my heart and soul. Love them
Sooo the ending. Spoilers.
Mr Whitman WOW!! I did NOT see this one coming :O I usually do!! I was rooting for Mr George to be the evil one since he was our friend. and as Lesley said in the movies its the guy you're least expecting! I haven't suspected the school teacher xD I have to re-read the entire trilogy to see if there were any signs at all or i just missed them!!And what about Raphael and Lesley Are they an item or what Ohh this ended so soon . i wanted more!!!

Another thing i really loved. You know what makes my heart melt that word. FOREVER. Forever is such a great word,but mostly nothing lives forever. But in Stardust,or Twilight, they lived happily ever after. FOREVER. Maybe thats just me being romantic but the ending in Emerald Green did something to me!!! :') They're going to be together FOREVER. ..I'm off to cry to my corner again. or maybe re-read the whole trilogy!!

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