The Gospel according to Heretics Discovering Orthodoxy through Early Christological Conflicts

Review :

There is much to commend about Dr. Wilhite's study of ten ancient Christian heresies. First, Wilhite finds a way to reach multiple audiences. As a fellow patristics scholar, I found this book to be well researched and insightful. Yet, I believe that a new student to early Christian history could find this book accessible.

Second, this is the funniest academic book I have encountered. Wilhite's humor helped him make his points about the great diversity and various distinctions between the many Christian factions. And if course, the humor helps the reader remain engaged in the text.

Third, (spoiler warning) I appreciated his conclusion that the modern church must choose grace and fellowship with heretics in our congregation today. I think many will bristle at his statement that heresies are a gift to the church. But if it is true that heresies help the church find the theological definitions for orthodoxy, then surely David must be right that the church needs heretics!

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