The Glamourist (The Vine Witch) - Luanne G. Smith

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The Glamourist
(Vine Witch #2)
by Luanne G. Smith

Luanne G. Smith has done it once again in the, The Glamourist, book two in The Vine Witch Series.
This book is next installment, and you won't be disappointed. A absolutely spellbinding historical fiction seeped in magical realism. A captivating storyline of self discovery

This stunning storyline is follows Elena's journey of being a vine witch and her new friend Yvette.

Yvette Lenoir was abandoned as a small child on streets of Paris. Where survival has made her a fugitive, and price on her head. Seeking answers to past, the only thing that she has from her childhood is a Grimoire, a book of shadows. Yvette needs help deciphering the meaning of the Ancient Arcane riddles of the grimoire.
Believing that the book is from her mother, and hoping to unlock the secrets of her past. The book might give her insight to her lineage and clues to unlocking her dormant powers.

Elana and Yvette, With cunning thief, the proprietor of an enchanted shop.
Let's not forget a bewitching black cat, adds to this cast of amazing characters.

This perfectly passed tale, and it's incredible setting along with Smith's seamless writing capabilities is not one you want to miss. Rich in atmospheric details, this lovely historical fiction is sprinkled with magical realism. A treasured favorite, that has right amount of romance.

A lovely addition to anyone's bookshelf
I definitely recommend this engaging book, to my family and friends

I will be updating my review closer to release

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