The Ethics of Opting Out Queer Theory

Review :

This book was recommended to me by one of my mentors whose influence led to my interest in queer theory to begin with. Ruti's Ethics of Opting Out is accessible for those who are newly familiar to the "Antisocial Question in Queer Theory" and the relevant debate regarding Queer Futurity, although having familiarity with the key texts involved in the debate, e.g. Cruising Utopia and No Future, does make it easier to absorb her criticisms and interpretations. Ruti's contribution to this debate, aside from resurrecting it, involves a deconstruction of Lacan's relevancy to the debate beyond Edelman's application and a rereading of both Edelman's and Halberstam's stance. Ruti does an excellent job highlighting the problematic implications of their work, and I find the final section, which is a dialogue on silence Ruti engages with a student of hers, fascinating. I disagree on how she interprets aspects of Muñoz's queer utopianism, but I find her insight valuable.

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