The Ellipsis Manual analysis and engineering of human behavior

Review :

This book combines the art and tactics of being a specialized operator who influences, designs, and is dropped in to deal with intense situations. It shares a philosophy on how an operator may develop these skills while bringing together the skills and knowledge required to be a strategist and live operations in one place. These operations just happen to be our life right now. Knowledge of these tactics will not stop them being used against you. Knowledge here can make you aware that some one may be deliberately set you in their sites. This book has a highlight on direct or authoritarian influence tactics, but it also coverts passive and covert methods. This book covers the information across a variety of fields and offers suggestions on how to use them in everyday contexts. It is a short step to use this to create a operations manual for any situation. This is a very good read and I happily place this book on my reference shelf.

Mr. Joe

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