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Very sincerely and with urgency, he drives a central point home, which you might say is the basic teaching of non duality. But that is all just memory. The intensity of speaker puts thought and its sensation aside for a while. So you are free to just listen as if for the first time. That is the key point here. Heard his audio interview with Tami Simon (sounds true) - what a passion! Simplicity! The stone drops in the pond quietly. The understanding you are left with is : "just do absolutely nothing. Stay with the thing "you call " suffering, let it do What it is supposed to do. The fact is that it is there - becos it has been already deeply accepted by awareness. The Mind has no part in this. Take your hands off! Let the thing flow through." Coming from an authentic person, it has an effect beyond the level of ideas and thought. Hall mark of good teacher. Good soul Jeff!

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