The Crooked Path to Abolition - James Oakes

Review :

I got this book as an e-arc from the publisher.

This was a fascinating book. I learned a lot. The tone changed pretty abruptly on page 186 to more personal and conversational, which was a much better tone for the book to take. I wish the entire book had been like that. It did end rather abruptly as well. If it were a research essay a student gave me, I'd likely tell them they needed some sort of conclusion. For instance, I know the book is about the PATH to abolition, but it gets to the states ratifying it (very hurriedly gets through that, by the way) and then is just over. Feels like the author just needed another day or two with it, to be honest.

Even with these small issues, I learned so very much and it was very interestingly written. I plan to recommend it to a lot of people.

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