The Crime Book- Big Ideas Simply Explained by Cathy Scott

Review :

I love crime! Okay, not crime itself, but I do like hearing about the intricate details of crime stories that have already occurred. I am a true crime junkie, so I knew when I spotted this book that I needed to read it since it is a book solely about crime. I was not disappointed. This book is so much fun for anyone who is a crime buff. Basically, it is an encyclopedia of all different types of crime stories from your white-collar crimes to your serial killers. They are snippets for the most part. They just graze the surface of the various stories that made it into the book, but it is just enough. I think my only real complaint about the book is that I wish some of the stories of the crimes were a bit longer. But I think that is the purpose. It wets the appetite just enough so that you will want to go and read more about the crimes that truly peak your interest.

The authors were skilled at giving the reader the most information on the crimes they knew people would be most intrigued by, all the while giving you some stories that were just a page or two long of specific crimes or criminals you may not have heard of. The book also includes lots of pictures and sidebars on some of the crimes about the people involved. It is a well put together book.

I highly recommend this book if you like to read about crime and criminals. This isn't a book you have to read in order, although I did. The book is broken down by crime categories and very easy to navigate, so if you have a penchant for learning about serial killers the book can lead you right to it.

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