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"Brains aren't like machines; machines are like brains with something missing," says the author. The missing elements are the parts that make the brain a living organ, not an inanimate object. We have DNA that reflects billions of years of evolution. Computers have code that reflects whatever the coder happens to need at the moment. 

DNA is a form of code too, of course. But genetic code has been relentlessly channeled by natural selection. It eventually was forced to create an array of instincts and emotions that seem to form the core of consciousness. In humans, the process has gone so far that we in effect have meta-consciousness: We're not only aware, we're aware that we're aware.

So the brain/machine analogy needs to be abandoned, says the author (who, by the way, is a leading cognitive neuroscientist and the guy who discovered the split-brain phenomenon). What will replace the machine model The author points toward some intriguing possibilities. Much more research will be needed. But that's the fun of science, no

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