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If you want to live an authentic life, read this book, apply the exercises, and learn a few new words along the way! As a way to find your own authenticity, Vishen suggests to start questioning the rules imposed by the culturescape, who include our parents, teachers, clergymen, and those in authority. In order to transcend your culturescape, throw out the Brules with the bathwater . oh, and Brules = Bullshit Rules. Question the rules imposed by the culturescape, then differentiate the rules from the brules. Transform your inner world by bending your reality to fit the new consciousness you are engineering for your future, and do this daily, with blissful discipline .. blissipline! Vishen talks about the importance of gratitude and forgiveness and how happiness is the automatic result. Once you reach this intrinsically inspired blissful place, outer influences, disappointments, obstacles, brakes and breaks cannot derail you. Therefore, you become, in a word, unfuckwithable! and emotionally more intelligent. This book highlights 10 actions to take, known as the code, to get you started on the road to finding your passion. I am still in the process of identifying the brules in my culturescape and it has been eye-opening to say the least! Guess what I don't need a PhD to share the knowledge and insights that I have already accumulated, and I don't have to be the eternal student! So what will happen if we all follow our passion Less doctors, engineers, and scientists, and more dancers, actors, and beach bums No, I don't believe that. I believe we'll have more passionate people doing what is good for all of humanity, not just themselves. This book is easy to read, with great stories, and overall, it is practical. Definitely one of the best books in the Self-Help genre. Live with fervor and passion!!

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