Review :

"The Calorie Myth" will help you understand the importance of focusing on food/exercise QUALITY rather that QUANTITY. It simplifies getting and staying fit. It will also give you the tools and knowledge to stop worrying about your weight, so you can focus on the important things in your life.

I got this book last night courtesy a download, and dove into it first thing. I have followed Jonathan Bailor's advice via his podcast for nearly a year, but having this book in my hands is a convenient way to reference all the information to stay slim and healthy for life.

Several years ago, I lost 90 pounds, mostly by eating alot less, and exercising alot more. That was the easy part. Keeping it off proved far more difficult, as long-term starvation is HARD. And worrying about gaining it all back made me feel miserable. Out of desperation, I turned away from the eat-less-exercise-more mantra, and began my exploration into eating well, rather than eating less. After a good start from other sources (Fat-Head, Wheat Belly) I found Bailor's program of SANE eating. Now I have no worries about gaining fat. I don't even worry about my "weight" (as I have gained muscle). My principle measure of success is my belt, not a scale.

If you are looking for a quick way to lose weight with a temporary diet, this book is NOT for you. If you like small plates and going hungry, this book is not for you. If you want to follow old advice that continues to make you sicker, this book is not for you.

Fast "weight" loss usually means breaking your body down, with poor long term results. But if you want to get fit and build your body up for the long term, this book is for you. If you enjoy eating satisfying and nutritious food until you are full, this book is for you.

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