Review :

My housemate introduced her bullet journal to me just one month ago. At the time, I was struggling to arrange my time, finish more tasks, be more productive, and above all, accomplish important things that I had been procrastinating.

After a few weeks practicing bullet journal myself, I found it very engaging. One noticeable thing is that I stop making appointment mistakes. Previously I found myself remember meeting schedules wrongly from time to time. Now that no longer happens as I have a whole month schedule with available time slots in my journal. I also love designing and drawing in my bullet journal. That's amazing! I never enjoyed drawing before! Now it is a way for me to relax.

And so I started to pick up the book to see what else I could do with my journal. And this little book surprised me. I thought that Bullet Journal was just a tool, a method to arrange my schedules and manage my time. But the author dived much deeper and introduced the philosophy behind it. It is about the right attention to the things that are important to each of us, about an intentional life, about a life of meaning and about how to respond the uncertainty and chaos of life the way you want. The author's writing is surprisingly eloquent, (perhaps partly credited to his creative writing degree), and insightful and deep and reflective.

Through the book I learned and reminded myself some simple but important things to apply in my daily life. For example I now remember to take time to savor my achievements as achievements alone feel empty. Or I learned how to break my goals into small sprints to work on and make the tasks less intimidating. Or a very useful tip about writing a letter to some rubber ducks, telling them about your problem, what's not working, why it isn't working, what you've tried, what you have not tried, and what you want to have happen. Or other things I've learned from Japanese culture, Ikigai, PDCA process (plan, do, check, action). And I highly resonate with the author's technique of asking Why five times (something I noted to myself before to really look at the root of a problem).

But one thing I haven't managed to do during the course of reading the book, that is resuming the writing of my new book. Something that I've been stuck at. Guess I have to start working on that seriously, to make visible something meaningful.

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