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Always fascinating, this is a clear-headed counterpoint to the prevailing "technolgiez is destryin arr youths" myths that float around on (of all places) Facebook. You know the ones, "I grew up playing with mud and I turned out alright! Ok, some of my friends died of dysentery, but, still..."

The point that Mr. Harkaway keeps coming back to, is that technology is just another tool. The difference with the internet, most specifically the mobile internet, is that we've allowed into our homes products, communications, and a way of contacting us, that never before have crossed our doorways, metaphorically speaking, and this is the change that we're dealing with - not information overload, as the information was always there; instead, it's the access to that information that has fooled us into thinking of it as information overload. This then leads to a paralysis, as we continue to look for new information to shore up our beliefs.

Trivially obvious example: GM foods are obviously bad. So, everyone should stop eating them and go organic.

Except that they're not bad. And most of the world, overpopulated countries especially, couldn't survive without them.

So what to do

I won't answer here, that's what the book is for - I recommend slowly reading it and digesting, and making your own choices.

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