The Beck Diet Solution Train Your brain

Review :

I REALLY enjoyed this book. I learned a lot of information that I have written down and will be using!

For me, I've already lost 25lbs so I was not "starting" a diet with the book, I was just doing some reading to compliment my lifestyle change and get some information to help me finish this weight loss journey. Here are some of the things I thought anyone could use:

The idea of writing down advantages of staying healthy. I think it will be helpful when you get bored or depressed with a healthy lifestyle and think about just going back to eating junk.

The NO CHOICE rule. I think it's helpful to make boundaries for yourself, like the book said, "to strengthen your resistance muscle".

The Oh Well attitude- you'd say this if say you don't want to exercise that day, or you'd rather have a greasy burger vs. a salad for lunch. Oh well, again, sets boundaries that it's not a choice.

Eat sitting down and think about and enjoy what you are eating. Scarfing down the food will not satisfy you, and sitting down is a conscious effort to eat what you are eating. If it's something unplanned or unhealthy, you may think twice before sitting down.

What would you tell your friend I also like this strategy- if you are up against an obstacle or feeling down- in any aspect of life, I think it's helpful to answer this question. I know personally I will allow others more lee-way than myself, and maybe that's not good for ME. Give yourself a break.

Celebrate each HALF POUND weight loss. This is also important- esp. after you've lost a significant amount of weight already like myself, it gets much harder and I need to remember that even a half pound is something to be proud of!

Remembering to celebrate the new me, and criticize. Again, good thing to think positive esp. if you are plateauing.

Lastly, there was some great info about maintaining weight loss over time and plateau's. Both of those are really where I am at now, and I appreciated the insight that was included!

I really would recommend this book to anyone making a lifestyle change. You may not agree with everything, but there are certainly many good points you may find helpful!

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