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"True power is when you connect to the wholeness that is you, and there is synergy between the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your being, and complete alignment between your thoughts, core beliefs, words, and actions. When this happens, you embrace the ability to surpass any limitations you may have put on yourself in the past. You become in touch with your pure, creative power, and you can create anything you want."

"Your thoughts are essential to your success."

"Forget all of your ideas about the body - It's this way and it's that way, and just be present with any area of it, this present body as permeated with limitless space. Drenched in freedom." - The Radiance Sutras, translated by Lorin Roche

"Change originates and sustains from you and your power."

"What you think and how you feel impact your weight and how you look, as well as your overall vitality."

"True power originates in you. It is the result of unity within."

"Shift your focus to feeling your strength or your overall energy, which is much more empowering. Your power is in your wholeness."

"You are truly complete And you are perfect just as you are."

"The thoughts we feed ourselves directly influence how we look."

"The more naturally you eat, the more beautiful, slim, and healthy you will become."

"When you want to protect yourself from fear, insecurity, uncertainty, imbalance, hurt or abuse, or create more boundaries around you to feel protected or "insulated" from something, fat can appear as the physical manifestation of the protection you're seeking. If you cling to negative energies, including stress, anger, jealousy, resentment, or hatred in your mind and do not process them or release them properly, they can become stuck matter. And stuck, stagnant, energetic matter can manifest as excess weight. Repressed feelings are energy too. If they are not dealt with, they can be pushed down and held in your fat cells. If you are resistant to letting go, forgiving, or moving on from something, stuck energy can manifest as matter, as fat."

"What might I be trying to protect myself from"

"Your body absorbs and reacts to all your internal thoughts, because there is a constant communication exchange between your inner self and your body. The body is highly intelligent, highly responsive, pliable, and adaptable. Your thoughts become part of the sculpting process; they are materials that your body uses to create. Positive thoughts can be equally as powerful as the negative ones we just discussed. Your thoughts not only affect your body but also shape your body."

"Stop with the abusive self-talk right now and honor the powerful creative intelligence of your body. It is more powerful than anything you can get from the outside. Realize you have the power to be fit and happy."

"If you tell yourself and others around you that you are fat, whether it's in a casual conversation, silently to yourself in front of the mirror or in quiet mutterings, remember, you are actively creating your outward form. Repeated thoughts become things."

Affirmations: "It's easy for me to stay fit and healthy."

"If you engage routinely in self-criticism, you must confront the deep-seated negative feelings that you have internalized, or these thoughts may continue to show up in a physical form that others can see: as visible pimples and blemishes right on your face, which is front and center to the world. The body, including the skin, reflects your internal beliefs and thoughts."

-Positive thoughts and words about body and self.
-Focus on image of ideal body, and the strength you'll feel when you have it.
-Let go of grudges, unfairness, resentments.

"By being present as we meditate and observing thoughts, emotions, sensations, and other phenomena within us, we are actually able to shift and transform ourselves. The same is true when it comes to "observing" affirmations daily and repeating them."

"Deep down, perhaps you are withholding because in your heart of hearts you do not feel you are good enough or smart enough. But when you do believe you are good enough, your body will respond with more vitality and focused energy to create the changes you want. Affirmations are an aid to get you there."
"It is easy for me to maintain the trim, fit body that I want."
"I make great whole-food choices to support my body and health."
"I am powerful and beautiful."
"I am successful in all my endeavors."
"I deserve success."
"I am present."
"I love and accept you exactly as you are."
"I am fit and trim."
"Affirm what you want as if you have it now, and make sure that your affirmations generate authentic enthusiasm."
"I have unlimited power to create what I want."
"Affirmations are a way of saying yes to your true nature and essence."


"When you identify with ego-based labels, you limit your own power. You constantly try to improve or defend those labels, which may seem safe but in reality are completely limiting. Adherence to labels is a form of disembodiment, which creates weakness, because it separates you from the whole. Labels and labeling disempower you, prevent you from creating the body and life that you desire."

"You don't have to feel inferior or superior to anyone."

"Your body is not what you authentically and completely are, but it does reflect your deepest thoughts and beliefs. It is when you put your ego aside and tap into your true power that you'll be able to shape your body as you desire."

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