The Backyard Beekeeper An Absolute beginners keeping bees

Review :

This is not the first beekeeping book the hubby has read as we have entered into this new addition to the farm. He did tell me that it is the best book he has read so far. The book is written for the beginning beekeeper and truth be told even though we have had bees for a year we still have so many questions.

Mr. Flottum lays everything out in a very straightforward manner starting with the basics. He helps the hopeful beekeeper by providing a step by step plan of attack.

The hubby found it very helpful for bucking up his basic knowledge and for answering several questions that arose over the a cold snap that we had. Our winter has been quite odd this year with it never really getting and staying cold but rather being cold for two days then warmer and rainy. He thought it was messing with the bees but he found his answer in the book - they were just hivecleaning.

He is very glad to have this book in his beekeeping library and he says it will be his go/to book when he has questions. It's written in an easy to understand manner for people who are just starting up with bees or whom are interested in reading on what is required to give bees a home whether you live in a rural or urban environment.

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