the autobiography of Benjamin Franklyn

Review :

Ben Franklin did it all. He was an incredible self-made human. Why wouldn't someone want to read more about him

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is fairly short and to the point. It took a while to come to grips with Franklin's olde timey speech, but once I got up to speed (or slowed down) with it, I really started to enjoy his walk down memory lane. He was a natural storyteller. Seriously, was there anything this dude couldn't do

Not only was he industrious, but he made an admirable moral compass, without being overly pious or self-righteous. He might have had to learn modesty, but considering his success and obvious intelligence -not to mention some of the buffoons he was surrounded by- it's a wonder he didn't constantly show up his contemporaries. He details his change in speech, reducing definitive statements, in order to avoid shame and embarrassment for both arguing parties. He is forthcoming in this way, just as he is generous in his inventions. When they could have made him a fortune, he would not take out a patent, thus allowing the less fortunate and society as a whole to benefit.

It was a pleasure to reacquaint myself with this man's wisdom. Once upon a time Americans modeled their behavior on his proverbs, as set down in Poor Richard's Almanac. Example: Franklin relates losing a four-year-old son to small pox, regrets not having inoculated him, and encourages parents to do so. This was over two hundred years ago. Nowadays some of us are taking the opposite advice from a video dj/nude model with no knowledge of what she speaks. What in the world has become of us

It's time we get to know this man again. I was happy to do so over the Fourth of July holiday.

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