The Atlas of Disease Mapping Deadly Epidemics and Contagion from the Plague to the Zika Virus by Sandra Hempel

Review :

I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
From the publisher ---

Behind every disease is a story, a complex narrative woven of multiple threads, from the natural history of the disease, to the tale of its discovery and its place in history.

But what is vital in all of this is how the disease spreads and develops. In The Atlas of Disease, Sandra Hemple reveals how maps have uncovered insightful information about the history of disease, from the seventeenth century plague maps that revealed the radical idea that diseases might be carried and spread by humans, to cholera maps in the 1800s showing the disease was carried by water, right up to the AIDs epidemic in the 1980s and the recent Ebola outbreak.

Crucially, The Atlas of Disease will also explore how cartographic techniques have been used to combat epidemics by revealing previously hidden patterns. These discoveries have changed the course of history, affected human evolution, stimulated advances in medicine and shaped the course of countless lives.

I have to admit it: this is a creepy book. Along with illustrations of the diseases, the maps show where it spread in different geographical areas. (Diphtheria killed my great aunt in the 1910s but Canada is not shown during that time period. (We certainly did show up on the map for SARS.)
Thank goodness for vaccines!
This book is perfect for anyone in your life who is an information junkie or in the medical field: a fascinating, gruesome read for sure!

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