The Art of Thinking Clearly Better thinking, Better decision

Review :

Entrepreneurs profit from understanding cognitive biases in two ways: first, you'll make rational decisions; second, you'll be an effective marketer.

The Art of Thinking Clearly exposes 99 cognitive biases - simple errors all of us make in our everyday thinking - and shows us how to become rational thinkers.

Author Rolf Dobelli brings a fresh perspective because of his unique skill-set. He's a Swiss writer, novelist and entrepreneur. And he's founder of an invitation-only society of the most distinguished thinkers, scientists and artists.

Each short chapter deals with one cognitive bias, showing the thinking error in action and enlightening readers about how to think clearly.
While the book is not written for entrepreneurs, Dobelli's experience starting successful ventures makes it helpful for you.

Entrepreneurs, like anyone, are prone to making bad decisions because of their cognitive biases. This book will teach you how to discard irrationality and replace it with clear thinking.

Perhaps the biggest boon, however, is that it empowers entrepreneurs to become better marketers. If your product warrants it, you can target your marketing to make use of your customer's cognitive biases.

No matter how much you know, you're always going to be biased in your thinking. This book increases your chances of thinking clearly.

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