The Art of People - 11 Simple People Skills That Will Get You Everything You Want

Review :

I really enjoyed "The Art Of People: 11 Simple People Skills That Will Get You Everything You Want" by Dave Kerpen. It's written in a friendly and conversational manner, and filled with solid advice on dealing with people. Maybe the reason I enjoyed it so much is that I teach a lot of similar things in some of my workshops. And while some may think the advice is "common sense," I've found that common sense isn't commonly practiced. This book is a great reminder that there are simple people skills that not only will help you get what you want, but make life and interactions with others a lot more pleasurable.

The eleven people skills include: Understanding Yourself and Understanding People, Meeting the Right People, Reading People, Connecting with People, Influencing People, Changing People's Minds, Teaching People, Leading People, Resolving Conflict with People, Inspiring People, and Keeping People Happy. Each of these eleven topics has several chapters with lessons to help you achieve the goals of the section.

I must say again, this is simple stuff, certainly not rocket science, but if you actually apply these lessons you will be amazed at how better your life can be. Even though I teach similar lessons, I had a few "ah ha" moments when reading. I also got the feeling that Kerpen is honest, genuine, and someone I'd like to get to know.

Unless you are living in the mountains as a hermit, you have to communicate and deal with people. It only makes sense that the better you are at dealing with people, the better your life will be. Learn and practice these people skills that Dave Kerpen shares and you will be on the way to a happier life and getting everything you want. Highly recommended.

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