Review :

Whew. A broad topic with a lot of practical applications.

Key takeaways:
- nobody goes into work trying to do a bad (or unethical) job
- people can only make sense of the facts they have on hand in the context they're aware of, hindsight bias is incredibly hard to override
- company culture sometimes creates habits that allow for errors to propagate
- strongly-coupled systems can create minor issues that snowball into catastrophic results even when there's redundancy in place
- legitimately arguing for a viewpoint counter to your own allows you to pull the best pieces of the argument out
- value the front-line and actively seek out problems without blame (hidden problems are the enemy)
- identifying issues and problems (e.g. when a decision must be made) is just as important as actually figuring out the correct framework for making a decision

So many good case studies here, well worth exploring for business owners.

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