Review :

This was a very good and informative book. I got it on audible and it came with the book form on it thought a online book. I would recommend getting though audible when it comes to The Great Courses due to this. Michael Dues gives a good history of arguing along with how we look at it and the different kinds of situation we get into. It is slow at the start when he goes over the history and philosophy, I found it interesting but I can see how others would get board. The middle had things we know but don't always do. I found this as a good reminder to stop and think about it and remember this book. It would help a lot of people to think of those parts when they are disagreeing with someone or just upset with them. The last few parts are where the gold is, where he goes over arguments over ethical things where its harder to find a 'win-win' situation. It brings up good points and arguments on how we handle them and how we see them. This is something I would tell anyone to read. It is one of those things where you will likely have to reread but the information is extremely helpful in everyday life.

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