The Age Fix A Leading Plastic Surgeon Reveals How to Really Look 10 Years Younger

Review :

More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog I have read many books on this subject and finally found one that actually gives the entire picture in detail - a one-stop resource that is easy to read, use, and follow. Author Young breaks down each aging issue (from crow's feet to frown lines) and then gives all the options available to address them: from homeopathy, cosmetics, inexpensive drug store products, high end beauty products, laser treatments, to plastic surgery. And yes, the author is a plastic surgeon but that is actually not the emphasis here nor is it even encouraged. Rather, these are fixes to prevent people from going under the knife when there are so many other options available.

The book breaks down as follows: Youth and beauty; Myths about beauty; Skin care; and plastic surgery; Your skin, your age, your beauty; The age-fix routine; The age fix diet; Improving your portrait; Eye repair; Reshaping your curves; Other youth and beauty issues; Aging gracefully, Appendix 1 Product sources; Appendix 2 if you need a plastic surgeon; references, index.

The introduction briefly goes over skin and how it ages. This is important to understand in relation to how the products or services work on the skin that are suggested later. Included is a very informative Q&A of the most common questions asked (e.g., "Can I change the size of my pores If collagen is the problem, should I try collagen cream").

The next section addresses age issues that people wish to fix. Each type of issue has a full range of suggestions - from natural (fruit peels, etc.), specific drug store brands (e.g., Nivea cleanser), choices among the higher end department store brands (e.g., Clinique foaming wash), to prescription treatments from your doctor (e.g., Obagi Nu-Derm). Treatments such as Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL) are also discussed along with surgery. It's a full package of solutions, with the recommendations clearly marked with an "Age Fix Favorite" icon for each section. The suggestions cover a full range of options - so income is definitely not an issue here.

After the age issues, the book provides a simple routine to keep skin supple - dealing with everything from harsh Winter dry air to UV light. Sleep, water, SPF sunscreens, pillows - all discussed and demystified. Following the routine is diet - with specific food to help with different issues. It's thorough but never drones endlessly; the book is brief and precise.

A large section is devoted to makeup and cosmetics as well as natural scrubs and creams. Often, these are even better than surgery at mitigating trouble areas. Solutions for avoiding botox needles, helping wrinkled decolletage, to fixing stretched earlobes are covered. Note that the book isn't just about the face - cleavage, stomach, breasts, droopy rear end - it's all here. Interspersed throughout are cautions to ensure that readers in their enthusiasm don't do more harm than good.

I've waited a long time for a book with actual answers that included product names which we can go out and buy immediately - with a nice list of reasons where one would be better than the other (or one is a complete waste of money). What we have here are options - all of which can be acted upon with knowledge and alacrity immediately upon reading. This is a great resource - one I highly recommend for finally telling it like it is and without meandering or generalizations. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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