The 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make by Sean Covey

Review :

I absolutely love this book. These types of self-help books are what we need nowadays, since we all think we're the best people out there-- but in reality, we never are perfect. We human beings are naturally flawed, and as long as we try to improve on those faults, we are becoming better than we were before we tried. So that being said, this book is a great guide in helping us with becoming a more adequate teenager.
It is not a lecture book-- no one wants to buy another nagging machine, we get enough of those from our parents at home. But Sean Covey, author of many other self-help books, sets a tone that is advice-like and not lecture-like. He doesn't just tell you that you shouldn't have sex-- but ways to approach and react to it. (But honestly, follow the no sex ideal)
I would recommend this book to everyone who is willing to want to become a better person and prioritize their life.

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