Tessa Carr - Cape Danger 2 - Danger Comes in Amber

Review :

I really enjoyed this second book in the Cape Danger Series. I haven't read the first, thinking it might be too dark, but now I want to read it even though I'm sure the suspense is now spoiled for me. If you're going to read both, read them in order, but this one stands alone quite nicely with all the necessary background information provided. It's the journey of Amber and Alex, not your typical romance due to the abuse Amber has suffered and the ongoing danger. Alex is a great character, super understanding and taking great care to make sure Amber feels comfortable with everything they do. At the same time, he's dominant and determined to keep her safe. Some of the scenes were touching as he tried to teach her the difference between discipline and abuse. I admired Amber's character as well, trying to be strong and independent after all she's been through and even trying to trust in Alex. The book is full of love and friendship and made me feel good in spite of the dark elements, like emotional and physical abuse, murder and kidnapping. The element of suspense was profound and kept the pages turning late into the night until the end. The book is well written with developed characters and a compelling plot. With the caveat of a trigger warning, I highly recommend it.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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