Technology and Law Enforcement

Review :

This is a non-fiction that illustrates how the use and reliance on new technologies in solving crimes has made policing and detective work more accurate and efficient in capturing and convicting criminals.

Snow starts with the Night Stalker case in 1985, telling how police had used every traditional technique and come up with nothing. In desperation, they used the latest cutting-edge technology at that time. The laser print finder (uses lasers to detect fingerprints otherwise impossible to find) worked perfectly and the Night Stalker was arrested the next day. He tells how police departments across the nation were suddenly clamoring to obtain all kinds of new technology to assist them in solving crimes.

Snow uses real-life examples while covering technology used in training, vehicles, dispatch, technology uniformed officers carry with them, detectives, SWAT and bomb squad, lie detection, automated fingerprint identification (after reading about AFIS in several murder mysteries I was fascinated by this chapter), and DNA analysis. In each chapter he compares to the technology used in the 60's and today.

I'm not much for non-fiction books, but I have to say this was both very imformative and an easy read. I like that Snow closes the book with the idea that technology shouldn't take the police of good old-fashioned police work.

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