supernatural principalities and powers

Review :

The subtitle on the cover reads, "Do you think witchcraft, demons, and magic are bizarre but harmless nonsense" During his lifetime, Lester Sumrall was likely the most proficient and experienced deliverance minister on earth. His books, tapes, and other material expose the world of spiritual warfare like none other. He spoke and wrote most often about the occult and its dramatic increase in the world today. And he trained and encouraged Christians to be both aware of satan's deceptions, and to become proficient in dealing with it in spiritual warfare. This particular book builds upon numerous others by Lester dealing primarily with the occult and witchcraft. I find the final two chapters particularly interesting. Chapter 13 is titled "Satan's Ultimate Trap" and discusses worldliness and being conformed with the world as the ultimate deception satan is using in these final days. The final chapter is the appendix to the book, titled "The devil's dictionary." Here Lester gives us an extensive list of terms and concepts that we should understand as part of our spiritual warfare.

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