Summer Kitchens - Olia Hercules

Review :

This is the kind of cookbook that needs to be written, not just to share authentic recipes but to preserve our cooking traditions that are being lost around the world. Summer Kitchens is a delightful read, packed with memories of the author growing up in the Ukraine. Stunning color photos accompany every dish. The dishes are a delight, many of which are nearly unheard of today. There are lacto-fermented recipes, offal recipes, fancy buns, sourdough breads, you name it. Many of them use foraged foods, which delighted me as I cook with wild foods myself and it's so hard to find them used as ingredients in most modern cookbooks (though British cookbooks are far better at using many so-called hedgerow foods like elderflowers and currants).

While I cook mostly vegetarian and do not have any plans to cook ingredients like tongue, I appreciate these authentic, frugal, diverse recipes. I also cook gluten free, which means many more of the wonderful recipes are out of my reach without some clever conversions, but many of the recipes are gluten free, even a few cakes (made with poppy seeds) and other desserts.

The entire cookbook is filled with beautiful photos of old fashioned families in the Ukraine, traditional cooking, farm life and other really lovely scenes. Highly, highly recommended.

I read a temporary digital ARC of this book for review.

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