Success God's Way Achieving Tr - Charles Stanley

Review :

I've read this book backwards, forwards, middle, chapters at random.

Finally, I have read it all. I love Charles F. Stanley. He softens me.
He's just a man like any other. God loves him. I admire his style of communication. It was a few years ago when I couldn't believe what I was hearing him say: That it dawned on him that while he didn't have an earthly father that God was always his father!

I was amazed! Since I was a little girl the only support and magnificent moments in my life are obviously God driven. Especially the ones that were difficult, painful and saved my life. God.
There was a time when I'd visualize God swiping with a big old bear paw to move me in the right directions because I was physically sick and ignoring it.

Thank you, Dr. Charles Stanley. xo

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