Stylo Fantome - Twin Estates 3 - Block Party

Review :

5 "Loving Liam" Stars

Once again, Stylo Fantôme has it it out of the park. Liam Edenhoff, the sweet funny guy who is always second best, finally gets to shine with his story. An awakening story of two souls trapped in feelings of never being good enough. Liam is a mask of happiness, the life of the party, "The Class Clown" always seeking love and validation. Ayumi Nakada, is the serious, hardworking, "The Ice Princess", who is always striving to be number one, not seeking love because she was never really loved herself. These two, somewhat friends, complete opposites, somehow get thrown together in a moving, emotional, comical at times, second chance romance. Their journey is a party that you definitely shouldn't miss.

Liam and Ayumi are a perfect couple. Insecurities plague these two but together there is a snarkiness spark that creates a perfect storm. They really do understand one another but things never go as smoothly as they should. Smoking hot sex, emotional connection and sassy and sweet talk fill Liam and Ayumi's relationship. The authors also delves into the emotional side of both characters. What makes each of them how they are is quite touching and sad, yet endearing and heartwarming as that they have found each other.

The rest of the gang from the Neighborhood rounds out this fast and easy reading love story. Wulf and Katya, Tori, Brighton, Landon, are ever present (who all really add another dynamic layer to this already wonderful story) as well as Liam's Family and Ayumi's mother.

This book is filled with great banter and fun, sexy, emotionally charged characters that created a beautifully written storyline. You root for Liam and Ayumi's happiness all the while your heart tugs at their vulnerabilities and their need for love. An endearing read that will make you smile and believe that opposites really do attract because everyone has emotional struggles that everyone relates too.
A must read........and a One of My Best of 2017.

*advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

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