Stylo Fantome - Church 1 - Church

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5 dark and brilliant stars

I was lucky enough to beta read it and I have to see how amazing this story is!I devour it and I was so into the story from the beginning!Church is everything I wanted and even more,dark,erotic,intense,twisted and brilliant!I didn't expect anything less from Stylo Fantome, she is so talented and I love her dark stories!

Both characters are unique,broken, so different and twisted.At the beginning I thought something and after the half of the book something happens and I'm shocked!I didn't see it was coming!I can't say what it was but believe me you'll not believe it!!

I loved this wild ride, it was addictive and I need more!I highly recommend it if you are looking for a dark romance with a love story like no other!I'm excited for the next book!!



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