Review :

4.5 STARS. As always, LOADED WITH INSIGHT AND INSPIRATION. I love Lisa Cron's writing advice because it's not like traditional writing advice - it resonates deep within your soul so you KNOW without having to fly blind into what "experts" think is true - you KNOW it makes sense because something inside of you just CLICKS.

Unlike Wired For Story (which is also amazing) this book feels more like a guide - a step-by-step playbook to building a story from the ground up. Lisa's "blueprinting" process makes so much sense and it's truly awesome. I notice a lot of people said this book didn't have enough "brain science" to back it up - especially since the words "brain science" are on the front cover. But I find absolutely nothing wrong with that, seeing as this IS more of a guide book than a research report. And at every turn, Lisa is showing how human psychology responds to story - and honestly that is what's important.

The only reason I wouldn't give this book five stars is just because it's more of a system. Which is totally fine, of course! But I'm an outside-the-box person and I like to find my own groove. I've developed my own outlining process that works super well for me when building a story, so I found myself skipping lots of the "steps" in this blueprinting process. But I find nothing wrong with the method used here and if you're someone who has no clue how to begin outlining your roadmap of your novel, you might LOVE this process.

So although the second half of this book was mainly instructions on how to outline your novel, it is PACKED with brilliant advice and truths about story and human psychology and I HIGHLIGHTED EVERY SINGLE PAGE. SO THAT SAYS A LOT RIGHT THERE. 10/10 recommend to every writer who wants to unlock the secrets of building a story, especially writers who don't know where to start when blueprinting their next riveting novel!

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