[Steve Harvey] Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man

Review :

Won on first reads. As the world lost a great lady when my wonderful friend, Ramona, just passed away, this review will serve for her. She will be dearly missed and cancer will be cursed for taking her from us so young.

This is an awesome book! I am glad I got to read it. At first, I thought how could you be giving them all this info How could you be telling them the ways to get them in our good graces enough to get us in bed. Then as I read it, I changed my view. I have been in the place of Patsy very often and there are reasons for it which are not important here. I realized it also helps us to look at men differently and see how we react to them. I have been working on not being Patsy and this book helps me with that even more. This book will be kept and my kids will be reading it when they are old enough! Amazing!!!

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