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Fire In the Darkness by Stacey Marie Brown- 5 stars

Just when I thought I had my mind wrapped around all that is Ember Brycin, Stacey Marie Brown goes and makes her all the more dynamic, tenacious, and craaaaazy hot vixen on me! With secrets unearthed and facades crumbling, Ember's journey has become wrought with challenges of her mind, body, and heart that have her (and me!) completely torn.

I was blown away by the first installment of the Darkness series, and I couldn't wait to get back to the story. The world building for this part-dystopian/part-fantasy sequel continues the same fascinating track that the series started with, as Light vs. Dark threw Ember in the middle of a tug-of-war while the city around her was in ruins. Ember carried the guilt of what her powers had done, the fear of being caught and used as a weapon, and the heartache of knowing the man she felt connected to had betrayed her. She's bereft in every sense of the word when we first see her again, struggling to survive on her own in the crumbled city while constantly looking over her shoulder. It wasn't until a certain sexy-as-sin Dark Dweller plowed back into her life that she realized just how much danger she'd been in that whole time, and just how much she craved him. And oh, there's even more to crave this time around, because Eli and Ember were like oil and flame every time they came near each other!!

Ember was questioning everything as she tried to figure out the motives of pretty much everyone around her. It was dizzying for her, trying to determine whom she could really trust and who was just in it for the prizeher. Every time it seemed like she'd found a safe place and could take a breather, her world came tumbling down again and she was forced to take stock of what she had and who her allies were. I wanted so badly for Eli to be what she needed him to, and my heart raced whenever they grew a little closer; yet there was a huge part of me that loved Torin for always being there and giving up so much for her. It's going to break my heart no matter whom she ends up with at this point, I don't know how the talented Ms. Brown will make that decision without a lot of tears!! Either way though, the newly toughened and battle-scarred Ember deserves to have a man willing to risk it all!

The nail-biting battles and intense action were awesome yet again, and I was a nervous wreck when Ember chose paths that led to certain danger for her. There were some huge twists that have me so freaking excited to get my hands on the next installment of the story, and it's going to be one hell of a tortuous wait. As the rest of the fog begins to lift in this compelling series, I can only imagine how much more intense it's going to get, but it's a must-read without question!!


I was half Demon but I had yet to possess or torment any souls. Maybe I just needed to give it time. Spending more time with Eli might do it. ~ Loc 448

"I don't know if I want to smack you because you're naïve or plain stupid," Eli said, irritation soaking his words.
"You touch me and you lose your most beloved girlfriend there." I nodded toward his hand.
Eli scoffed. "Then I'll train yours." ~ Loc 1260

"What else is out there hunting me"
"There are a lot of different beings that could be," Eli snapped.
"Like what"
"You want me to go through the Fae directory" Eli's voice rose. ~ Loc 1272

Fire and ice seared through me. My legs began shaking but somehow I got to my feet. Shadows were thick, but my eyes were slowly adjusting. I didn't need to see, though; my heart and gut knew. ~ Loc 4120

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