Stacey Marie Brown - Darkness 1 - Darkness of Light

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******4.5 stars*****
Stacey Marie Brown has officially wowed me with this addicting and suspense-filled story! I was drawn in by Ember's strange abilities, intrigued by the thrilling and well-developed story that was unfolding, and of course mesmerized by the glorious eye candy that graced the pages!!

Ember has had quite the unsettling life for the last 18 years. She lost her mother years ago, strange creatures always seem to appear around her, and when she's emotional...well, all hell breaks loose. So when she caught the attention of the authorities, Ember and her step-father couldn't talk their way out of the fact that there is a pattern of destruction trailing behind her. The facility that she's sent to, an organization that helps troubled children, turns out to be the same place where HE is. The gorgeous, cocky, mouthwatering Eli Dragen, who seems to have split personalities at best. He's an ass, but there is something about him that draws Ember in every time he's near. She has what I playfully termed as "Eli radar", and whenever he was near she was all kinds of worked up. Top that with her disturbing and vivid dreams (where the delectably sweet Torin visits her), her usual dose of crazy "hallucinations", and the sudden evidence that her body is capable of inhuman feats, and Ember is feeling like her life is crumbling around her.

Really, the last thing this girl needed was a love interest, but she never stood a chance against the likes of Eli. He infuriated me with his sometimes cruel and demeaning treatment of Ember, but of course there is something supernatural behind his reaction to her. And Ember really stood her ground against him, which was part of what made her such an incredible heroine. She literally endures a torturous journey in this story, both emotionally and physically, and not once does she back down. She's definitely one bad-ass leading lady, and I am going to love seeing what she can pull off with in rest of this series! Part of me wishes that it didn't take quite so long for her to figure things out, especially since there was so much evidence of an otherworldly existence right in front of her. But I am grateful that, unlike many other stories these days, it took some convincing to make her believe she wasn't just your average psychotic human!

As the veil was lifted from Ember's eyes and she started to grasp what she, Eli, and the others around her truly were, the climax of Darkness of Light comes barreling through like a speeding freight train. My stomach was so twisted up and my heart was racing as Ember was put to her greatest test so far, and it was heartbreaking!! There were so many unique and fascinating facets to Stacey Brown's world that made this story truly come alive, and her impeccably detailed writing was impressive. I'm absolutely in it for the long haul with this series, because with characters I can't get enough of and a plot that left me constantly guessing and gasping, there's no doubt this is going to be a great one!

Memorable Quotes:

Holy shit! Can we say unstable Was I the only sane one around here Well, I guess that really wasn't setting the standard very high. ~Ember, LOC 2213
"Pig-headed That's rich coming from you, the most obstinate, opinionated, and ornery person I've ever met."

"Uh-oh, the three O's. I must be in trouble," Eli quipped. "How about this You are insufferable, insolate, and infuriating!" ~ LOC 2500
Turning his body he pressed closer to me. "Things are about to change." He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. "I'm going to do everything I can to protect you." ~ Torin, LOC 3326

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